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Falling Back to Earth

by Paul Landry



Originally recorded as a demo in 2011, new guitar solo and electric guitar added in 2018 and remastered.
Paul Landry:
Yamaha acoustic guitar
Fender Stratocaster electric guitar
Fender Squire precision bass guitar
Yamaha electro classical guitar
Yamaha Keyboard
vsti G-media mellotron
vsti Omnisphere
midi keyboards
East west Studios vsti drums
Steinberg Groove Agent

Recorded in Oxford 2011 and 2020
©2020 Paul Landry Music


Verse 1
Take a long trip down memory lane
And find the answers to your happiness and pain
It takes a long time but, well what do you know?
You're falling back to Earth and there's a long long way to go

Verse 2
Take it in your stride, it happens each day
Your eyes are opened wide, cos you were born that way
And if you don't remember what happened before
You're falling back to Earth and you'll come back for more

And it's so good to be back here again
Just like the last time, I can't remember when
And every time I come back here, something seems the same
Must be something in my brain that connects me to the flame

(Keyboard solo)
Repeat chorus

Daylight come and it seems that i am back again
night time come and and I know that I am her
I can't remember going there and getting back again
But goin' round in circles is one thing I know is clear
Is this deja vu or have I seen you before
perhaps in Atlantis or another world war
Do you remember, is there anything you can recall?
Do you remember going back before the fall?

Verse 3
Years slip away before your very eyes then back to skies for more
Falling back down to Earth, well it's a bumpy ride for sure
It's gonna make you sore
It's all familiar though it's all so strange
What you have to do to get out of this cage
So say goodbye Before you say hello
You're falling back to Earth and there's a long long way to go

(Guitar solo)


released December 20, 2021


all rights reserved



Paul Landry Liverpool, UK

Paul is a composer of new age music, progressive rock and ambient music based in the UK

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